Sunday, 8 May 2011

Stereotypical Oxford Weekend

No, that doesn't mean I spent the whole weekend in the library (although perhaps I should have). After handing in my project on Friday I went to formal formal (held twice a term in college and twice as formal as our usual weekly formals) in the evening.  It was probably the last time I’ll go to formal in college so I was very pleased that the food was excellent. The starter was roasted butternut squash, chilli & coconut soup, followed by prawn and dill risotto. The main was medallion of beef Rossini (essentially bread with pate and fillet of beef on top) which was delicious, I’m still not over it. And a toffee apple pastry for dessert.

After formal formal we always have Champagne and Chocolates in the chapel. Most people in college go to Wahoo after that (Wahoo is Oxford students’ club of choice on a Friday night) but, being a sensible finalist, I had no intention of joining them. After a “few” glasses of champagne though, I just couldn’t see why I shouldn’t go. I had a great evening. I did have to spend the last couple of hours of the night trying to locate a certain boy who’d gone walkabout, but don’t worry, he took me out for dinner last night to make up for it.

Yesterday afternoon was my first croquet match in the university croquet tournament, Cuppers. I’m in one of about 23 teams from my whole college. The four of us donned our gowns and sunglasses and waited for our rivals, the St Peters team, to arrive. We didn’t quite pull off the intimidating look we’d been going for. St Peters seemed a little bemused by our outfits. They asked if we took part in Cuppers every year, little did they know that half our team had never played before. Despite this, and the fact that it took numerous attempts to get through each hoop, we won the game! (And I took the winning shot!) So we are through to the next round and now we’re in it to win it.

To recover from a busy weekend, I went to a free yoga class this morning as part of Oxford’s Well-Being week. My favourite bit was when we melted into the carpet.

F x


  1. Step up the game for the next cuppers game ... wear your hats as well.