Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Library Review: Rothermere American Institute (and more...)

Today I worked at the American Institute which is one of my favourite libraries to work in because, as you can see from the picture, it’s mainly made of glass so lots of light floods in while you’re working. Some of the other libraries in Oxford can be a bit stuffy so it makes a nice change and somehow feels a bit more relaxed. If you get a desk by a window you even have your own special control switch which opens and closes the window next to you -  very hi-tech. It is a popular library though, so often it’s packed and difficult to find a seat. Or you’re surrounded by people playing music on their ipods which they haven’t bothered to turn down (I’m trying to suppress my annoyance at this particular habit of many library workers).

Interior design - modern, minimalist and functional 8/10

Exterior design - glassy 6/10

Fitties - could only see the back of peoples’ heads from where I was sat 0/10

Productivity - stared out of the window a lot 6/10

In other news, I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday to check that my eyesight getting worse is nothing to do with my general health. The doctor gave me a tube and told me to collect a urine sample. My mind must have been on other things, because by the time I’d been to the loo I realised I’d forgotten to collect my urine. After a brief panic, I proceeded to drink as much water as I could from the tap… It was all very embarrassing but fortunately I managed to collect enough for the doctor, who really wasn’t that amused, and my health is fine. On my way back from the doctor’s I got onto thinking about why my eyesight has deteriorated so much. The optician had asked me if I used the computer much for my degree, and I explained I’d done a few projects on it. She said that perhaps this was the cause of it, but really most of the work I do is on paper so I think it’s unlikely. So on my walk home I suddenly thought, ‘Oh my God! Maybe I’ve spent so much time on facebook it’s actually made my eyesight worse!’ I contemplated this for a while but now I’ve come to a different decision: I’m blaming Oxford for my deteriorating eyesight. Three years of too much work which I’ve had to complete in the early hours of the morning has caught up with me and my eyes are taking the brunt of it. Well, you wait Oxford, I’m going to get a 2:1, then you won’t be laughing!

Finalist x


  1. Nice! I'm a big fan of the AI. In fact here's a short poem I wrote:

    Ode to the AI

    Rothermere, oh Rothermere!
    The walls of your library are ever so clear.
    Not like the Bod, all dingy and dreary
    Here I can read the proof of my theory.

  2. Oooh pictures! It even looks like the library. Why are you wearing a sack and carrying a pink iron?

  3. @Anonymous - Thank you for your lovely poem. Please feel free to post more.

    @Julie - Cutting.