Monday, 2 May 2011

A-ball-ing Behaviour

I’m absolutely exhausted today! Last night I went to the Exeter College ‘Paradise Lost’ Ball, it was fantastic. Highlights include being the only ones dancing to the acoustic musician in the dining hall, more dancing to Oxford’s own funk band Dot’s Funk Odyssey, tasty candy floss and making friends with my Applied Probability tutor! An Oxford tradition is to stay up all night to bring in May Day and all go down to Magdalen Bridge at 6 am to hear the choir sing from Magdalen College. In the past I’ve thought I’d rather be sleeping but this year I decided to finally do it but I failed miserably. I simply had to go to bed so I left the ball at 3 and went to sleep. I set my alarm for half 5 so I could go down to hear the choir but I have no recollection of it going off, sleepy me was clearly not having any of it, and I ended up getting up at 2. Since then I’ve had a brief stint in the library and spent the rest of the time on facebook. My prospects for finals are looking good.

Finalist x

PS - Apologies for the terrible pun but be expecting more.


  1. That's gotta be a Hitchings spesh.

  2. Tom (the acoustic musician) approves

  3. Thanks Tom! Great to hear from you again