Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Is it just me...?

Today I had an optician’s appointment. I’ve actually been really looking forward to it because I just find going to the optician’s so relaxing! This is also true of going to the doctor and the dentist. Ever since I was little I’ve found it strangely comfortable when I have appointments like that, I get this nice feeling in my neck and I just don’t want to move.  Maybe it’s the feeling of being looked after or being the centre of attention whilst not really knowing what’s going on. Maybe I really enjoy being asked ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions about my health and wellbeing. I’m not quite sure what it is but I just love appointments! The few people I’ve told about this generally think it’s weird, but I have met one or two people who get a similar feeling to me. Does anyone else out there understand this peaceful, comfy feeling? (Maybe we could start a club or something, where we pretend to be doctors so we can have all that pleasant feeling on a regular basis?)

So I was quite excited about my appointment and thought it would make a nice break from Maths and I’d also get a few things sorted out. Unfortunately, it turns out my eyesight has got a lot worse, so much so they advised me to get a health check up (it’s obviously fine) and wouldn’t give me my contact lenses yet. Although this does mean the excitement of more appointments, Oxford Finalists really don’t have time for minor health scares so I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my trip to the optician’s.

Finalist x

PS - It's late so I couldn't think of a pun for the title


  1. cool. Check out MY blog:

  2. Ooh just read your Kazbar review, I love it there and you've reminded me I must go back soon! (Sorry I couldn't comment on your blog without signing up to YELP.)

  3. I know and enjoy that comfy feeling a lot in my life but I never felt it at the dentist. Usually I have anxiety attacks at the dentist so I think it's cool that you feel so comfortable. Perhaps it is that you really trust your optician and dentist and doctor--whatever the causes, it's said that we respond better to treatment when we are relaxed, so this has to be a good thing.

  4. Thanks Annie. Perhaps I'm a little too trusting! But I'm sure it's usually very good for me.

  5. The 'comfy' feeling is called ASMR, and there's an entire community on YouTube who now do roleplays (dentists, doctors, opticians) so you can recreate that buzz at home! It's great.