Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dying to look good

I’ve recently started dying my hair with henna. The henna I get comes in these big solid chunks that you have to mix up with hot water into a paste and then apply to your head. The last couple of times I’ve had either my mum or a friend do it for me but today was the first time I attempted to do it myself. It was also the last time. I decided to do it in just my underwear with a towel wrapped round my shoulders to save me having to wash extra clothes, but I underestimated the amount of henna I would dollop all over myself. My right leg looks like it’s covered in tiny bruises and my left leg has long streaks of orange on it. My arms have a similar problem, as I couldn’t keep the towel round me, and I’m pretty sure my face is going to have a glowing orange frame. My neck is the worst, absolutely covered. I wouldn’t mind so much but I’m going to a ball on Saturday and I’m definitely going to look like I had an accident with the fake tan. I’m still sitting with cling film wrapped round my head so I shall find out in about three hours the extent of my new sun kissed look when I wash it all off. How exciting!

Finalist x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Beginning

It’s been a beautiful, sunny day today in Oxford. But hiding in the crevices of Oxford’s ancient libraries are hundreds of twenty-somethings feeling sick with dread as their final exams get closer and closer. Unfortunately, I am one of them. To make it even worse, I study Maths & Stats and, of course, my exams are infinitely harder than everybody else’s.

Some might say this is a bad time to decide to start a blog... well, I can’t really argue with that. I’m doing this to keep me sane and to get me into practice for the real world where I’ll have to start writing words and full sentences again. The real world is very exciting and keeping me going!

I don’t intend to bore you with complaints about how stressed I am (I am so stressed!) or how my degree is too hard (why do they make the exams so hard? I hate the Maths department!). I intend to record some of the more interesting things I manage to fit in this term and to write library reviews; so I shall be visiting as many as possible to get a good overview. I hope to culminate this blog in a drunken post made after my last exam.

I do hope you enjoy my tales from my last term at Oxford. Comments and feedback would be appreciated.

Finalist x