Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fear today, gone tomorrow

THE FEAR. Yeah, it struck me. So the blog has been neglected a bit and a lot of Bon Iver has been played and whined along to. Fortunately, it went away yesterday and I no longer felt that my whole life depended on these exams and I was destined to fail. I also got another gift of chocolate and liquorice (my weakness) from my other adopted parent, so that cheered me up hugely. But I am going a little bit mad; I laughed hysterically at my own joke yesterday while my friend politely smiled along and then asked if I was OK.

On a less finals based note, at the weekend I went to the 30th Anniversary Oxford University Women’s Ice Hockey alumni dinner. It was perfect! We had a champagne reception on the front quad of Hertford College in the sunshine, surrounded by Oxford’s ‘dreaming spires’. Then we had the dining hall all to ourselves for a three course dinner. However, the classiness deteriorated as the evening went on. Discussion turned from hearing how the pioneering women, who set up women’s ice hockey in Oxford, had to travel all the way to Bristol to train, onto whether or not we should crew date the Brasenose Men’s Sex Team. Later, a certain member of the team stuffed a number of the after dinner chocolates down her bra to save for later.

F x


  1. please elaborate as to what a Men’s Sex Team is.

  2. Can you get a Blue or Half-Blue in it?