Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dough-nuts about finals!

I officially love being a finalist. I was having a bit of a work crisis today because I accidentally lost some of the work I'd done for a stats project due in tomorrow (first and last time that's ever happening!). So there I was, sitting in my room, trying to compute the 95% Wilcoxon confidence interval for the increase in travel times on Friday mornings relative to Monday mornings on a certain segment of a freeway in Australia in 2010 for the second time - when I heard a knock at my door. In comes a lovely first year with a doughnut especially for me. Oxford has a tradition (I'm not sure how long standing it actually is) that during finals students who aren't taking them can 'adopt' a finalist and I'm certain I've got a good adopted parent. I think I'm a little bit smitten with him now... Well, no time for that, I've got a project to finish.

F x

PS - Just because I'm a poor finalist doesn't mean I didn't find the time to vote today. Sometimes your civil rights just have to take priority.


  1. And funnily enough the word verification I had to type in was paterho - which if you break it down...

  2. It's Friday now, how did the project go? That was a nice thing bringing a doughnut! I am learning so much about England by blogging! How much longer?

  3. If only we'd had this when I was a finalist (Maths, not Maths & Stats, which didn't exist when I did mine but which I'd not have been clever enough for).

  4. @NoviceArtist - The project went OK in the end, just glad it's over but still another 7weeks until I've finished my exams.

    @Richard - I'm only doing Maths & Stats to avoid some of the Maths modules I can't face taking!